What We Do

Fe y Alegría develops a solid and sustainable educational project that contributes to the improvement of living conditions, arousing change and the transformation of its environment in each of our students and participants.  

Committed to a quality popular education, Fe y Alegría promotes Initial Education (children's homes, pre-primary or pre-school, pedagogical support units); Primary or Basic Education; Secondary or Media Education (academic and technical); Higher and University Education; and Intercultural Bilingual Education (in some countries).  


Fe y Alegría is committed to inclusive education, which can open opportunities for different traditionally excluded populations: indigenous people, women, young people out of school, at-risk adolescents, marginalized children, migrants, people with special educational needs. 

Primary Education

Our primary focus is to provide Primary Education to children and adults from deprived families. We run over 170 schools across the country, focusing in rural and poor communities.

We pride ourselves for providing an education as good or better than other private institutions. A World Bank study in 2014 found that our students “tend to perform well in test scores, if not slightly better than comparable students in other schools"


Feeding Program

Research proves that children who are not properly fed, do not perform well at school.

Due to the extreme economic and social conditions in Venezuela, many children are deprived of food. In Fe y Alegria we provide meals to all the children attending school, so they can have a healthy nutrition and perform. 

Teacher Training

We have developed a programme tailored specifically to people who want to pursue a career in education, to ensure that the work we do is sustainable.

Students enrolled in this programme get tuition, meals, books and all materials they need to complete their studies. They join one of our schools upon graduation, as teachers.


Supporting a student in this programme costs as little as X per year

Other Programs

Fe y Alegria has also developed a number of other educational programmes beyond primary education:

• University level education, with 5 campuses in 4 cities, serving over 2,000 students

• Professional education services, providing professional trainings for carpenters, builders, farmers, mechanics, electricians, etc.

• IRFA, an education programme through radio, directed to adults in rural areas